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information on referring children

Some key points to keep in mind


  • The earlier you get your completed application form in, the higher the liklihood of the child getting a spot on our next camp.  Children that have not attended ERC before will have preference.

  • Transport of a child to and from the pick-up and drop off points is not the responsibility of ERC.

  • Edmund Rice Camps are staffed entirely by volunteers, principally aged 17  to 25. While volunteers with some professional qualifications may hold  leadership roles on each camp, the majority of leaders do not hold such   qualifications.

  • Due to the venues we attend, while we are to cater for most children, some special needs may not be able to be accommodated.

  • Our primary job is to have FUN on camp.

  • We do not provide counselling or behaviour intervention.

  • It is unadvisable for children to have a 'medication free' week on camp.

  • If at any point we are concerned about the safety of a child or those around them, we will consult with Oranga Tamariki.



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